The association SpaceBoard (hereinafter referred to as “the Publisher”), which is managing the Web site http://www.spaceboard.eu (the “Site”), is a French-law non-profit association (association régie par la Loi du 1er juillet 1901) whose principal office is located at 11 Rue du 14 Juillet, 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France.

The Site’s Terms of Service (”TOS”) define the terms and conditions under which the Publisher makes the Site available to users, the services available on it, and their use by you (“You”, or “The User”). The term “User” designates any person, regardless of capacity, location, connection channel, or purpose for accessing the Site, who browses, reads, views, visits, accesses, or uses the Site or any of the services offered by the Site.

Connection to the Site in any manner whatsoever is subject to compliance with these TOS. By accessing the Site, you give your full and unconditional consent to all conditions contained in these TOS, irrespective of the technical means or terminals you employ to access the Site. These TOS are accessible, and may be printed out, at any time by clicking on the link located at the bottom of the Site’s home page.
Any User who does not consent to the TOS stipulated in this contract must refrain from accessing or using the Site.

The current version of these TOS on line is the only one that shall apply throughout the entire duration of use of the Site, and until such time as it is superseded by a new version. You are advised to consult the TOS each and every time you visit the Site.

The most recent version of these TOS took effect as of 01.05.2016.

Article 1 — Use of the Site in Private Beta Version

1.1. Users of the private beta version of the platform developed by SpaceBoard agree not to divulge any information of any nature whatsoever that is contained on the platform.

Article 2 — Access to the Site

2.1. You hereby acknowledge that you meet all conditions for accessing and using this Site.

2.2. In consideration of your accessing and registering on this Site, you represent that you are of legal age to form a binding contract. Persons under the legal age may only access and register on this Site under the supervision of an adult with legal responsibility for them. The Publisher reserves the right to request you to submit proof of age. The Publisher also reserves the right to refuse access to the Site to those not of legal age by means of a filter.

2.3. This Site is exclusively intended for private use. Users hereby agree to refrain from using the Site, and the information or data it contains, for commercial, political, or advertising purposes, or for any form of commercial solicitation, such as the circulation of unsolicited e-mails.

Article 3 — Registration

3.1. Access to the interactive exchange platform (the “Service”) offered by the Publisher is contingent upon registration by the User. The Publisher manages the platform in the form, and using the technical means, that it considers most appropriate.

You become a member (the “Member”) when you register on the Site by providing all information required to create an account. You remain both User and Member for the purposes of these TOS.

Non-Member Users may not access the Service, whose use is restricted to Members.

3.2. You understand and agree that you are the holder of only one account on our Site.

3.3. Moreover, you agree to create a strong, secure password; keep that password strictly confidential; abide by all applicable laws and regulations; and refrain from impairing the rights of others.

3.4. Your account is personal and belongs to you. CONSEQUENTLY, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY USE THAT IS MADE OF YOUR ACCOUNT BY MEANS OF LOGGING IN WITH YOUR ID AND PASSWORD. You hereby acknowledge and agree that information you enter to create or update your account is valid proof of your identity.

3.5. You hereby agree to provide the Site with true, accurate, and current personal and professional information about yourself at all times. You also agree to maintain and promptly update your personal and professional information to keep it true, accurate, and current.

When registering, you must provide a valid e-mail address that the Site will use to send confirmation of registration. No e-mail address may be used for more than one registration at any time.

You are reputed to have received all information sent out by the Publisher. You agree to consult its e-mail messages at that address on a regular basis and respond within an acceptable timeframe if a reply is required.

3.6. The Publisher reserves the right at all times to refuse a registration request from any User who fails to comply with the conditions stipulated in these TOS. Similarly, the Publisher may terminate use of the Service without prior notice or indemnification, as well as exercise all recourse or legal action it may deem appropriate against Users who fail to comply with the conditions stipulated in these TOS.

3.7. Regularly registered Users may request termination of their registration at any time by submitting a request on the dedicated Site page. Termination thus requested takes effect immediately.

Article 4 — Site Content

4.1. The general structure of the Site and its domain name; all marks, photographs, text, data, comments, illustrations, graphs, drawings, logos, icons, still and animated images, video sequences, sounds, and all computer applications that may be used for the Site’s operation; and more generally speaking, all items that are reproduced or used on the Site are protected by law as intellectual property and are the Publisher’s exclusive property. No reproduction, translation, publication, modification, transmission, representation, use, or adaptation in any form and by any means whatsoever, of all or part of such items made available by the Service, including computer applications, may be made without the express written consent of the Publisher. Infringement may constitute counterfeiting under Sections L.335-2 et seq. of France’s Intellectual Property Code. Failure by the Publisher to prosecute counterfeiters at the time it becomes apprised of such infringement does not constitute acceptance or a waiver of the Publisher’s right to prosecute counterfeiters at a later time.

Access to the Site does not confer upon the User any rights, including any intellectual property rights, relating to any items of the Site, all of which remain the exclusive property of the Publisher.

4.2. The SpaceBoard mark with its logotype representing a stylised parabolic antenna has been registered by the Publisher. Any reproduction, translation, publication, modification, transmission, representation, use, or adaptation in any form or by any means whatsoever, of all or part of the SpaceBoard mark or logotype is strictly prohibited.

4.3. USERS ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL CONTENT THEY POST ON LINE. The Publisher may modify or delete User-posted content at any time and for any reason, without prior notice, justification, or indemnification. Users guarantee that the content they post on line is not harmful to any third parties. They hereby agree to hold the Publisher harmless against any proceedings brought by third parties claiming that said content has adversely affected them or their rights.

Article 5 — Site Management

5.1. The Publisher shall make every effort to ensure that Users enjoy continuous 24/7 access to the Site.

5.2. However, for the purposes of Site management and operation, the Publisher may:
at any time, without prior notice or indemnification to Users.

Article 6 — Responsibilities

6.1. The Publisher shall not be responsible for problems, abnormalities, bugs, defaults, breakdowns, difficulties, or interruptions in service, nor for the consequences of such events that may hinder access to the Site, the Service, or any of its functions. The Publisher has not made any provisions for providing you with technical assistance.

6.2. You are solely responsible for the hardware and/or software you use to connect to the Site. You must take all appropriate steps to protect your hardware and private data, particularly from virus attacks over the Internet or from other malware that may circulate over the network. You are solely responsible for your consultation of sites, particularly this Site, as well as all data you consult.

6.3. The Publisher may not be held responsible in the event that legal proceedings are brought against you for reasons of your use of the Site or any Service that is accessible via the Internet, or for your non-compliance with these TOS.

6.4. The Publisher is not responsible for any direct or indirect, material or immaterial, foreseeable or unforeseeable damage to yourself, third parties, and/or your hardware due to your connection to, or use of, the Site, or its Service. Consequently, Users agree not to bring any action against the Publisher in this respect.

6.5. If any action, including legal action, is brought against the Publisher for reasons of your use of the Site, the Publisher reserves the right to bring legal action against you to obtain indemnification for all losses, payments, judgments, or expenses related to that action.

6.6. The Publisher may not be held responsible for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the information and/or documents contained in and/or accessible on this Site. The Publisher reserves the right to correct any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies from the time it becomes aware of them. The Publisher strongly urges you to verify the accuracy and pertinence of information and/or documents made available on this Site.

6.7. The Publisher shall not be responsible for illicit content or for activity that makes use of its Site, until it has become duly aware of such content or activity as construed under French Law #2004-575 of 21 June 2004 regarding confidence in the digital economy and French Law #2004-801 of 6 August 2004 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data (“Online Privacy Act”).

6.8. The Publisher shall not be responsible for any acts of God.

Article 7 — Hypertext Links

7.1. Links to the Site’s home page may be made without the Publisher’s express consent, but such links must cause this Site to be displayed in a separate browser window.

This authorization does not extend to sites disseminating illicit, violent, polemical, pornographic, or xenophobic information, or information that would be considered offensive by a majority of viewers.

The Publisher reserves the right to request the deletion of any link at any time, without prior notice, indemnification, or justification.

7.2. Information accessible by means of links to other sites is not under the control of the Publisher, who declines any and all responsibility for such content.

Article 8 — Data Collection

8.1. The Publisher uses personal information it collects on the Site for the purpose of operating the online professional network, managing tasks associated with User accounts, and improving the quality of service offered

The Publisher agrees to take recognized technical precautions to ensure the security of personal information collected and to prevent it from being deformed, damaged, or communicated to third parties without authorization.

8.2. Pursuant to France’s Online Privacy Act (French Law #78-17 of 6 January 1978, amended in 2004 relating to data processing, files, and individual liberties), you have the right to access, consult, amend, or delete information concerning you. You may exercise this right at any time by writing to the Publisher directly via the Site under the heading “Contact”, via postal correspondence addressed to SpaceBoard, Maison de la Citoyenneté et de la Vie Associative, 11 Rue du 14 Juillet, 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France, or via e-mail addressed to contact@spaceboard.eu.

For reasons of security, and to prevent fraudulent requests, proof of identity must be enclosed with your request. Proof of identity that you submit will be destroyed once your request has been processed. You may also oppose the processing of any data concerning you.

8.3. Third parties with which the Publisher has contractual relations may use information collected without your consent for the execution of subcontracted tasks required to manage your account. In the event of patent infractions of laws or regulations, we may provide the judicial authorities with information thus collected, at their request.

8.4. The Publisher shall draw your attention to information you must supply when requesting access to specific functions on the Site. The Publisher may also request you to submit optional additional information of a personal nature in order to enhance the services provided.

8.5. Any other person’s data obtained while consulting the Site must not be stored, used in an unauthorized manner, or exploited in any way that could adversely affect any person’s privacy or reputation. The Publisher declines all responsibility in this connection.

8.6. The Publisher registered this Site with France’s Data Protection Authority (CNIL) on 15 January 2016 under the number 1920698.

8.7. The Site may automatically collect standardized data concerning your civil status, identity, professional qualifications (résumé, education, training, awards, etc.), or connection data (IP address, logs, etc.).

8.8. At the time an account is closed, the User expressly authorizes the Publisher to archive the User’s data on a confidential basis for a period not to exceed the maximum legal period for storing data.

8.9. If you are a minor, you understand and agree that your legal representative has given his or her express consent to the processing of your personal information, which is a prerequisite for using the Site.

Article 9 — Cookie Policy

9.1. At the time of connection, the Site informs Users that it uses cookies and prompts them to read this Cookie Policy. Users may consult this Cookie Policy on the Site at any time by clicking on the tab “Terms of Service” at the bottom of the page.

9.2. By connecting to this Site, you agree to allow the Publisher to install cookies provided that your computer has been configured to accept cookies.

9.3. Cookies are small files installed by some platforms such as Web sites. Cookies may perform any of a variety of functions, including storing browsing preferences, collecting statistical information, and enabling certain technical functions. Cookies may also be used to store basic information on, and ultimately recognize, the browsing habits of the User or the User’s computer.

Cookies are also used to manage the User’s session, minimizing the number of times the User is required to enter a password or to display Site content according to the User’s preferences. Cookies may be “temporary”, in which case they are deleted from the computer when the User leaves the site that generates them, or “resident”, in which case they remain in the User’s computer until a predetermined date.

9.4. Information collected will only be used to measure the volume, type, and configuration of traffic on this Site, to improve its design, operation, and layout, and for other administrative and planning purposes, and more generally speaking, to improve the service we offer our users.

9.5. You may at any time configure your browser to accept or refuse cookies, and at the end of a session, you may delete any cookies stored on your computer.

You may also choose “private browsing”, whereby your browser does not record history, passwords, cookies, or other information from Web sites that you have visited. Further information may be obtained on the “Help” page of your browser.

9.6. You may block and/or delete cookies installed on your computer using your browser’s configuration options.

9.7. Users are hereby informed that some cookies may be considered as personal data and may thus be governed by France’s 1978 Online Privacy Act as amended in 2004.

Article 10 — Changes to Terms of Service

10.1. The Publisher may change, amend, augment, or delete portions of its TOS without informing Users individually. However, the Publisher shall provide Users with an updated version of its TOS on the Site, and they shall be freely accessible at all times. Users may thus apprise themselves of the TOS every time they access the Site.

Any changes made to the TOS will be made visible when browsing the Site.

10.2. Accordingly, by continuing to use the Site, Users tacitly agree to changes in the TOS. Users who do not agree to those changes must not continue to use the Site.

Article 11 — Rules Concerning Internet Usage

11.1. You understand and accept the characteristics and limitations of the Internet. Moreover, you understand and agree that:


11.2. You understand and agree that information circulating on the Internet may not be secure. Any posting of sensitive or confidential information is done at your own risk.

11.3. You also understand and agree that information circulating on the Internet may be subject to restrictions concerning its use or may be governed by intellectual property protections.


11.4. You understand and agree that the Publisher has no means of monitoring the content of services accessible over the Internet.

Article 12 — Advertising

The Publisher reserves the right to insert onto any page on the Site, and into any communication to Users, any advertisements or promotional messages in the form and under the conditions that the Publisher alone shall deem appropriate.

Article 13 — General Information

13.1. Any classes of these TOS that may be judged inapplicable or unlawful by a court of law shall not have effect, but such invalidation shall not affect the applicability and lawfulness of all other terms and conditions contained herein.

13.2. You are deemed to have expressly consented to these TOS. You may not transfer any or all of the rights and obligations covered by these TOS, in whole or in part, for free or in exchange for payment lieu of a consideration, without the Publisher’s express written consent.

13.3. Only the French-language version of these TOS shall constitute the authentic agreement between the parties, and regardless of translations into other languages (particularly English), only the French-language version of these TOS shall be binding.

Article 14 — Governing Law

This Site’s TOS have been prepared in an original French-language version. Any unresolved disagreements over interpretation and/or execution shall fall within the purview of the Courts of the Republic of France, regardless of the place where the Site is used, barring any other specific competence arising from a particular law or regulation.

Article 15 — Contact Us

You may contact us at the following address for any question, information, or complaint concerning the Service provided, or concerning the Site itself: contact@spaceboard.eu.