About SpaceBoard

Space has always lit stars in people’s eyes. In the late 60s and early 70s, human space exploration brought the world together in an unprecedented way. International collaboration within the field of space is now being praised as a unique example of what countries and organisations can achieve when working together across borders. Space science and technology contribute to improving life on Earth in many different ways, and prospects for the future are uplifting.

We created SpaceBoard because we believe the space community will benefit from a unified platform where interactions are focused. Our vision is to interconnect students, professionals, and organisations to promote the advancement of space and increase the general public’s interest in the industry’s technological achievements and their tangible benefits for all of humankind.

Thanks to this focused and information-centric approach to interactions, SpaceBoard makes it possible for individuals to readily connect with like-minded peers and organisations within the space community, share information, ideas and knowledge using specifically designed tools and access relevant content freed from the noise encountered on larger networks.

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Project leader
Maxime Sixdeniers

Satellite validation engineer and aspiring entrepreneur capitalising on an extensive multicultural background.

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Maxime Sixdeniersclose
During the day, Maxime works as satellite validation engineer for BepiColombo, Europe’s first mission to Mercury. At night, he turns on his battery, fueled by an inexhaustible source of positive energy, and dedicates his free time to leading the SpaceBoard team, capitalizing on an extensive multicultural background and intuitive communication skills. An aspiring entrepreneur passionate about space and the future, Maxime will relax once SpaceBoard has become the reference networking platform for space enthusiasts around the world.
Platform development
Alexander Schilling

Computer Science student with an unusually high interest in intelligence of the artificial kind.

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Alexander Schillingclose
All his life Alex has been fascinated by everything remotely related to space. But his fondness of computers prevailed in the choice of his field of study. Lucky for him, it just so happens, that he ended up in an ambitious space related endeavor. While refining the skills he needs for his profession, he keeps in touch with his childhood passion. His extensive mobile and web development experience now helps SpaceBoard push the space industry forward.
Community manager
Artur Gasparyan

SpaceMaster and medical student with significant expertise in web and mobile app development.

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Artur Gasparyanclose
Artur long ago decided he did not want to pursue studies in only one field of interest. Now completing an international Master’s degree in space science and technology, he is simultaneously completing his medical studies with the goal of becoming an MD using the space environment for life sciences research. An outstanding multi-tasker, Artur has also been working as a professional developer and development project manager for many years. His perfectionist streak makes him the ideal person to lead the development team in charge of creating the wonderful and user-friendly platform we have in mind for SpaceBoard.

Aleix Megías Homar

Antoine Malgoyre

Tobias Fricke

Shiva Muruganandham

Our mentors' experience in different sectors of the space industry will be instrumental in helping SpaceBoard develop a unified platform that addresses the needs of all players of the community.

Claudia Kessler

CEO, HE Space
Karin Nilsdotter

CEO and Co-Founder, Spaceport Sweden
Remco Timmermans

Social Media Marketing Specialist for Space