Corporate Identity
warningAll public material (documents, websites, brochures, business cards, etc.) must comply with SpaceBoard's Corporate Identity Guidelines, shown below.

Our Logo

Our official logo is accompanied by our slogan, but can also be used separately:

If necessary, the icon may also be used separately:

warningPlease refrain from editing, modifying, distorting, recoloring, or reconfiguring the logo or the icon.

SpaceBoard Colours

White is the only background colour to be used, and only Dark Space Gray coloured typography is allowed. Links or keywords should appear in SpaceBoard Blue. Interactive elements visualising a given selection, decision or important notes are displayed in Nova Orange.

SpaceBoard Blue
Nova Orange
Light Space Grey
Metal Space Grey
Dark Space Grey


Text colour is always Dark Space Grey.

0123456789 (!@#$%&.,?:;)
Captions must appear in Raleway Light with a large font size.
Ensure that there is sufficient space below the text.
Download Raleway font
0123456789 (!@#$%&.,?:;)
Standard text must be rendered in OpenSans Regular
Use a font size of 12pt and a line height of 180%.
Download OpenSans font